An Exclusive Live Webinar

Become a MAGNET to your Dream, Ideal Clients

October 3rd | 20:00 BST

Steal my secrets: Go From frustrated and not living your purpose and passion…To working with your dream clients, making an impact, and having the time of your life in as little as 90 days

In this training you’re going to discover exactly how to:

Nail your Coaching Niche (Finally, you can finish website copy…yay!)

Create VALUABLE content that resonates with your audience (they’ll think you’re reading their minds!)

How to stand in your power and feel more confident and CREDIBLE as a coach

Find and ATTRACT your dream Ideal clients

Craft TRANSFORMATIONAL coaching offers that SELL (no more fluffy!)

How to land premium clients within the next 90 days without any sleazy sales tactics

I’ll also share with you the shocking truth behind why you’re attracting the “I can’t afford you” folks and how you can turn that around and magnetize the “Hell Yeah! I’m in!” Serious clients to you.

Hi, I’m Sanae Floyd, Business Breakthrough Coach and Sales Mentor and Founder of The Build ‘Like A Boss’ Academy for Coaches. I teach Coaches How to Make Big Bucks by mastering the BIG 3: Mindset: Money and Marketing.

I can’t wait to pull back the curtain and share all my secrets with you on this webinar! Make sure to grab your spot, lock your calendar and load up on coffee. This will be a doozy.

And the best part? It costs you nil dollars…nada…zilch…zero dineros… you got nothing to lose! But to make that happen, you need to take the first step and sign up!

Register for the webinar!

Thursday 3rd October
8pm London/ 3pm ET / 12pm PDT

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