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Many coaches and service based entrepreneurs hate the thought of having to sell their services.

Asking for money makes them feel on edge and sleazy.  

And it’s no wonder you feel out of integrity when you’re trying desperately to appear nonchalant as you attempt to convert a “chat” into a discovery call…and then unsuccessfully try to sell them!  Euuwww!

When what you really want is to go from being the hunter to the hunted.

To hear the magic words “I loved your post! How can I work with you?”

Well, you can.  

You just need some new client-attraction strategies that actually work, such as a way to position yourself as the credible expert upfront to ensure you get MORE discovery calls booked in with raving fan prospects who already know you’re the ONE, and only, Coach for them!

This is exactly what 

The Confident Coach Bootcamp 

is all about.

During this training course you’re going to discover tried and true marketing strategies,  that you can implement and benefit from immediately.

Not only that, but I’m going to teach you some mindset mastery techniques to feel more confident as a Coach so you can start charging more for your services, so you can thrive financially.


Learn the key success principles to help you step into your personal power.


Develop your self-belief and confidence and get sold on YOU!


Learn how to increase your fees without freaking yourself out!


Start confidently charging what you want for your services and increase your bottom line without burning out!


I'll share the posts templates that have made me and my clients £000's (from just ONE post!)


Learn specific step by step frameworks for creating attention grabbing content that converts.

You’ll discover how to attract your ideal clients through expert positioning and communicating the true value of your coaching or consulting service in your Social Media content.

You can expect breakthrough clarity and insights as you watch and learn, PLUS real shifts in your results within 30 days as long as you stick to your commitments and follow the steps outlined, shown, and taught in the Bootcamp.

Being able to share your purpose, passion, and work with dream clients is every coach’s dream come true.

And that pathway doesn’t happen by accident.

Your business mindset has everything to do with your ability to show up as YOU because let’s be real, if you’re not sold on yourself, neither are your clients.

Without the proper mindset in place, allowing the money to flow is non-existent. 


Every mindset exercise and marketing strategy is tried and true. I’ll show you my battle tested strategies that provide REAL results.


But don’t take my word for it. Check out what these Bootcamp alumni had to say about their experience…

I quickly got so many new ideas, new reflections and inspirations. I got ideas for the next few weeks of content creation and I also learned how to write it in a way that will be noticed by the right people and attract ideal clients… And the best part of it was to be around other coaches that are so passionate about helping others and making a difference. Thank you, Sanae!

I’ve got so much clarity around my target audience! I am more confident around my content

Amazing! I felt really emotional during the course of the training as it resonated.

It delivered exactly what it promised! Clear concise blueprint with specific steps to follow! You deliver such value!

I’ve got more clarity around my niche and marketing! Went way beyond my expectations!

Brilliant delivery of amazing content and knowledge – such fantastic value for money!!

I’ve learnt so much valuable stuff, I’m blown away!! I’m already implementing what I learnt and the workbook is definitely NOT on the shelf – thank you Sanae for what has to be the most insightful course I have ever attended.

You’ll receive a 4-part training plus in-depth workbook with all of the exercises and marketing templates plus a copy of the training slide-deck.

PLUS You’ll receive a Bonus Masterclass:


I created a special Master The Inner Game of Money Masterclass exclusively for Coaches, in which I teach the core exercises that took me from constantly struggling for cash and inconsistency (and massive debt) to consistent income and a thriving and financially solvent business.

Hi, I’m Sanae Floyd!

Business Breakthrough Coach and Strategic Sales Mentor for coaches and consultants and the founder of the Coaches Business Accelerator.

My career spans over 20 years in Sales – managing, coaching, and mentoring sales professionals and entrepreneurs to increase their impact and their income.

I was the Go-To Sales Expert and Coach for an eminent 7-Figure Entrepreneur

I’m the author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller  “PAID IN FULL: Free yourself from the burden of debt and live your best life NOW!” and the creator of “PAID IN FULL AND PROSPERING”.  My year long academy designed to help people rewrite their money stories, get out of debt and create prosperity.

I’m qualified in Personal performance and Corporate/Executive Coaching; a Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer and PSYCH-K facilitator.



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