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Freeing yourself from the emotional burden of debt is one of the most liberating gifts you can give yourself (and your family and your clients!) which is why I’m so happy you made this first step.

This Masterclass is going to be LIVE and I will be available for hot seat coaching and to answer your questions so be sure to SCHEDULE the call into your calendar!

Come over 10 minutes earlier as we kick off with some surprises and introductions.


3rd of March 2021

8 pm GMT / 3 pm EST / 12 pm PST


By way of thank you for joining me, you’ll receive a copy of my 2nd Edition of my Best Seller “Paid In Full” after the masterclass.

After hitting rock bottom financially, I drew a line in the sand to get debt free, once and for all.  I had no idea HOW I was going to do it so I made myself the subject of an “experiment” and tracked everything I did every step of the way. 

I chronicled the journey because I just knew that if it worked, then I had to share it.

The process from being burdened by debt to being paid in full and published,  was less than 9 months!   My book went to #1 in 3 categories including psychology and personal finance and I was overwhelmed by the positive response.   I’m delighted to share a sample of my 2nd Edition as a taster of the joyful journey that awaits you!

To your prosperity,

Sanae Floyd

I'm excited to meet you at the Masterclass








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