Welcome to Shine Your Light!!

You know you need to get visible to attract clients, right?  But there’s a problem!! 

You don’t know what your message is!  You’re struggling to articulate what you do as a Coach and this is really keeping you stuck and in fear!  When all you want is to feel unstoppable and on fire? Am I right?  

This course, consisting of 5 unique processes will reignite your passion and purpose as you’re guided to get clear on your niche, your ideal client, and your expert positioning message.

As a result, you’ll feel confident and credible as a coach instead of feeling like an imposter.

Ready to Shine Your Light? 

Course Curriculum

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Welcome To Your Shine Your Light Course
Process 1: Your Secret Sauce
Process 2: Joining The Dots of Your Story
Process 3: Meet Your Soulmate Client
Process 4: Your Expert Positioning Story
Process 5: Where Else Are You Dimming Your Light?