Get Debt Free 5 Day Course

Freeing yourself from the emotional burden of debt is one of the most liberating gifts you can give yourself, and it all starts in the mind!

We load debt with destructive emotions such as shame, guilt and fear without realising that these emotions are what is keeping us trapped in a cycle that perpetuates more.  

This Introductory programme is a must if you’re sick and tired of constantly being in “bad” debt and feeling unable to fully enjoy life as a result.  

Sanae Floyd, the Founder of the Paid in Full & Prospering Academy and Best Selling Author of “Paid In Full:  Free Yourself From The Emotional Burden of Debt and Live Your Best Life NOW!”   will guide you step by step on this enlightening and rewarding journey designed to help you raise awareness, and breakthrough your old negative patterns so you can reclaim control and step fully into your personal power!! 

Every day for 5 days you’ll learn practical, actionable strategies for up-leveling your money mindset and expanding your consciousness so you become a magnet for the abundance you desire and deserve:

Course Curriculum:

Day 1: Empowerment through Clarity

Day 2: Revealing and Rewriting your debt story

Day 3: Heal your core money wounds and learn how to break self sabotaging patterns

Day 4: Prosperity Practices and Processes for Attracting More Money

Day 5: Releasing Resistance & The Art of Living Unconditional joy and Peace of Mind

Bonus trainings:  

7 Blocks to Prosperity and How to Eliminate them

Get Debt Free Masterclass 

Course Curriculum

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BONUS #1: 7 Blocks to Prosperity and How to Eliminate them