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The Go-To Expert

in your Niche?

Position Your expertise and earn $10k+ in the next 90 days.

You’ve Launched Your Coaching Business

And Now…

You feel like you’ve hit a wall, and your energy and enthusiasm are running dangerously low…

You’re flip-flopping from niche to niche, unable to pin-point your ‘one’ thing, which is draining your confidence, and leaving you feeling like an imposter

You’re struggling with marketing because your messaging feels ‘off’ and you don’t know how to articulate the value you provide

You’re undercharging, and yet you’re too afraid to raise your rates because you’re worried that people won’t pay you what you want

You’re frustrated with yourself  because you keep getting in your own way with self-sabotaging patterns of perfectionism, procrastination, and your fear of visibility

The thought of having to sell leaves you cold, because you’re afraid of coming off as pushy, awkward, and inauthentic

I get it!

Here’s the thing…

The only way to rapidly rise above the noise online,  connect with your dream clients, and confidently close $10k+ months as a successful coach…


is to position your authority as the Go-To Expert in your Niche


And you can achieve this now only through the Build Like A Boss Academy


For your coaching business to be super successful, sustainable, and highly profitable you need a solid foundation.

That solid foundation comes from what I call Alignment Alchemy.

It’s what’s missing from every other business building course out there, and why they fall short of helping you get ROI you were promised

Alignment Alchemy is my unique process for helping coaches like you join the dots of your credibility story, draw out your genius gift, and get laser-focused and lucid clarity on:

WHO you are (your credibility)

WHAT you do (your expertise)

WHO you do it for (your ideal client) and

WHY you do it (your purpose, the driving force behind your business)

Sanae Floyd Coaching Build Like a Boss Academy-26

Get this right, and you become unstoppableRemember why you started your business? 

Alignment Alchemy reconnects you to that mountain-moving energy that shifts worlds!  As a result of being crystal clear in who you’re speaking to, your messaging will be on-point

You rapidly rise above the noise on-line as your content demonstrates your specialism and sets you apart as the credible authority and go-to expert in your niche

You attract your dream clients! No more icky cold spamming strangers DM’s because your people will reach out to you!

You enjoy authentic conversations with your dream prospects who are ready to say “yes!” to your coaching packages…

And you’re having fun showing up as a leader, making a difference, and making money, just as you imagined you would.

Fall in love with your coaching business, and finally feel like you belong, without the doubts and second-guessing...

Welcome to the “Build Like a Boss” Academy


This programme is NOT just another cookie-cutter strategy that leaves out the most essential ASSET in your business,  YOU!

This programme IS about TRANSFORMATION…Yours and the transformation that you offer your clients.

Which is why it works.  Alignment Alchemy aligns you with your unique genius zone so you unleash your superpower and tap into your authentic voice.

Then we implement the simple step-by-step plan to attract your dream clients so you can make a living, and a difference doing what you love.

Pathway to Clarity, Confidence and Clients

Step 1: Mindset Mastery

Breakthrough your fears and overcome your limiting beliefs to develop rock solid self confidence.

We start here because you are the heart and soul of your business and your mindset will determine your levels of success.

You’ll discover how to manifest incredible results and FAST using simple yet proven time-tested strategies that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Step 2: Alignment Alchemy™

Harness the magic of Alignment Alchemy™  to unleash your super power, tap into your authentic voice and align your business with your passion

Get crystal clear on your coaching Niche, your Ideal Client Avatar,  and your Credibility factor.

You’ll have your Expert-Positioning story nailed on so any doubts of “why would anyone choose me as their coach?” and “who would pay me?” will vanish as you step into your zone of genius and operate from your life’s purpose. You’ll love this process – it’s like magic!

Step 3: The Coaching Package Creation Clinic

The key to your high converting coaching package is in the transformation you offer.

I’ll help you craft your signature coaching package to be a true reflection of your knowledge, gifts and skills and showcase the value  so it’s irresistible to your ideal clients.

You’ll confidently price your services at rates that feel amazing as you’ll have broken through your deepest money blocks and …

As you learn to value yourself, your ideal clients will value you too!

Step 4: The Magnetic Marketing Matrix

It’s easy to magnetise your dream clients to you when you’re aligned and implementing an effective marketing strategy.

In this module you discover how to create powerful messaging that resonates with your audience.  Using principles based on psychology and understanding the buyer’s brain, you can forget sleazy cold out-reach and hunting for uninterested leads!

You’ll rise above the noise and be recognised as the Expert you are as your ideal clients will be reaching out to you!

Step 5: Have Fun Sales Conversations That Close

Get the benefit of my 2 plus decades of experience and discover for yourself the joy of selling from the heart

You’ll love how simple it is to showcase your value without feeling pushy or sleazy.

You’ll feel confident having the ‘money conversation’ and holding a space for your prospects that is empowering for both of you.

I’ll share with you how to close sales by just being yourself…the more fun you’re having the more success you’ll reap.

Bonus Module: The Ascension Plan

As you’re celebrating your wins, I’ll share with you the tools to help you maintain your success and GROW at the same time.

You’ll learn how to manage your time, build consistency and productivity while ensuring balance and self-care.

You’ll emerge feeling like the next level version of yourself.

Hear what Some of my past Academy Clients had to say about the Build LIke A Boss Programme

(They all started exactly where you are now)

You need to get on this course, it’s gold dust!

Without the Build ‘Like A Boss’ Programme I would NOT have a business.  Before joining Sanaes programme I had no idea what my niche was.

I knew I needed to get clear on who my ideal client was and draw out my unique gifts to help others share theirs! Sanae got me from confused to crystal clear! 

I’ve never felt so empowered and inspired to be living my life’s purpose and now making 5-figure months!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So much love, Jen xxx

Jen Hall

Business Coach, Author & Speaker

Sanae, I just want to say Thank YOU!

You’ve taken me from the beginning where I didn’t have a clue…to helping me explore my niche and ideal client and providing the business structures needed to feel confident…

Where you’ve helped me most is holding a space for me to feel comfortable opening up my journey…that is where the real transformation happened…Build ‘Like A Boss’ is an amazing programme, that is so clear, there is no mistaking what to do next.

It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, I’m so grateful.

Betsy Norman

Coach at Hot Mess Mums

If you are passionate about making your business work and do it well, you need Sanae in your life! Working with Sanae has been a game changer for me and I can’t thank her enough!

I have just finished her Build  ‘Like A Boss’ Programme and highly recommend it if you want to get going with your coaching business and start binging in the clients. 

I struggled for a year and did other courses but Sanae’s methods are a different level. 

She’s so supportive and shows you exactly what you need to do, without feeling like a sleazy salesperson ? I’m now selling £2k coaching programmers and loving it.

Go for it! Xxx

Louise Dockery

Well-Being Coach for High Achieving Women

I just wanted to give a shout out to Sanae and her Build Like a Boss programme for coaches.

Although I’d done a lot of work already, like thinking about my niche and building a website, I hadn’t got REALLY visible, I had pro bono clients only, and I wasn’t confident about what exactly it was that I was offering, so I wasn’t clear to anyone else either.

I had a wobble midway through the programme as it was causing me to really stretch myself out of my comfort zone, but I took Sanae at her word and sent a message telling her I was struggling.

Sanae is incredibly caring and nurturing but is also able to get straight to the heart of the matter. She set me back on the straight and narrow and I got clear, confident in my offer, and visible.

What can I say? We haven’t even finished the programme and I have already signed up two clients, just a week after leaving my office job, so I have more than covered the initial investment already. I know I will keep coming back to Sanae’s tools when putting together future coaching packages.

Georgina Bowden

The Success Catalyst Coach

The Build ‘like a Boss’ Programme was like a breath of fresh air after months of trying different things in my coaching business and not getting great results.

It was a great incubator for the CLARITY I needed on my ideal client and how I can serve them. Not to mention all the other great material. Great prompts for reflection and a supportive group of ladies, were just what I needed to get a head-start in my business.

It helped me grow more confident in myself as a coach, and I was able to deliver my first online programme.

I learned the tools that will serve me for life, and feel more on track than ever!

Sanae is in her creative genius in this course and we all benefit… from her expertise, experience, and energy ?

Thank you, Sanae for this amazing programme!

Mojca Henigman

NLP Coach


The BLAB Academy is a 90 day group coaching programme that gives you access to weekly live group coaching, mentoring and training following the core modules of the programme

You have access to a vault 24/7 so that you can follow the step by step video trainings, worksheets and exercises to help you grow your business

Every month you can attend live copy critique clinics to ensure that your copy and content is optimised and reaching it's goals

You will receive personalised sales call audits to ensure you are confidently closing your sales conversations with ease and authenticity

You'll be supported in your visibility strategy with expert feedback and help on your messaging, your offers and your marketing materials!

You'll have access to an exclusive private Facebook group - a community of like-minded coaches sharing the journey with you, cheering you on and celebrating your successes with you

You'll never feel stuck on what to do next again, as you're supported, held accountable and feeling assured like having a coach in your back pocket!

You started your business to help others, we’re best able to do that when we’re following our hearts.


Suitable for coaches who have been in their business for 6-12 months and are struggling to attract and enrol clients


Your Total Investment is just £3,000

Monthly payment plan of £1k or Pay in Full discounted to £2750

You started your business to do what you’re passionate about and to help others lead happier, healthier, wealthier and more abundant lives!


become a part of this beautiful coaching family as you learn and grow.

I’m here to help you make the best decision for yourself and your coaching business journey,  so below are the answers to the common questions that I get asked:


1.Who is this for?

This is for coaching entrepreneurs who want to use their knowledge, skills and experience to help transform lives

This programme is perfectly suited to you if you’ve been on your coaching business journey for 6 – 12 months plus and you know you need more clarity, confidence, and strategies to profit from your coaching.

2. What is the time commitment each week to complete the programme?


The modules are perfectly paced to ensure you’re able to work around your busy lives and stay out of overwhelm.

I recommend that you give at least an hour a day to work “on” your business, rather than just in it.  

It goes without saying that the more you give to this, the more you’ll get out of it.  Those coaches who actively participate, ask questions, and engage with the whole process are those who get results and get the value.

3. How is it different from all the rest?

Build ‘Like A Boss’ is a rare find.  You’ll have access to me plus step by step training that you can access 24/7 so you’ll get your answers without having to wait for the next call.

I don’t ignore the fact that 90% of your success is down to your psychology and busting through your internal beliefs, blocks and barriers.   I’ve crafted my programme to be a unique and masterful blend of MINDSET MASTERY aswell as actionable strategies.

Many courses tell you that you need to have clarity on your Niche and Ideal Client Avatar, without helping you dive deep to find the clarity.

This programme guarantees that vital clarity!

4. I am horrible at technology and social media. Will I be lost?

Not at ALL. I feel your pain and I designed this course to be simple and effective for EVERYONE, even the tech-challenged!

You will NOT feel overwhelmed.

My first 5-figure months were achieved without any fancy funnels or complicated tech and with the strategies you’ll learn in this programme, your value and expertise will be showcased in your content.

5. I am a little worried that I won’t have time for it! I don’t want to spend money on another programme and then get left behind.

Building a profitable and thriving coaching business requires commitment – you need to be willing to invest the necessary resources of time, energy and money.

If you don’t think you’ll have the time to commit to this programme then it’s not going to work for you.

I know that life can get in the way sometimes so all calls are recorded for you to catch up plus everything you need is all in one place in the members area.   

6. Is there a money back guarantee?

No.  If you give your ‘all’ to the programme and you participate in the weekly calls, and do the work, you’ll get results.  Besides, if you’ll have me and a support team helping you every step of the way.

You may be skeptical, if you’ve invested in 4 or 5 figure business programmes and not seen an ROI, and I get that. 

This programme is different because it focuses on YOU, and aligning you with your unique passionate Niche.  This is what most programmes miss out, making it tough to implement the strategy.

Building a business is one of the most nurturing, spiritually expanding, amazing experiences of your life, so long as you have the right mindset and the right strategy for you.

This programme delivers on that.

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